Havin' lots of fun... going' on a Road Trip

I just put uploaded “Road Trip” to the Music tab.  The tune was conceived while barreling down on Rt 90, destination Herkimer NY on a late fall night in 1989.  It represents 30 years of the one of the greatest friendships the world has ever known, with JB, Webe, Bake, Buno, Chuck, Derf, and Bosh.  Why would I hang with these guys?  They are lax players… but I can play all their favorite Dead tunes on my guitar.  I’m in the club!  And what a club it has turned out to be, a cherished group of fellas.  This simple little song is our contribution to world peace and the greater good.  Its been been around long enough that our kids are now singing it.  It stayed at number one for 18 months on the Cheap Charlie’s juke box.  If that’s not a winner, i don’t know what is.  Enjoy, and go see your friends soon.

Website Launch

I consider myself a minimalist.  I don't use loopers or harmonizers... but I do now have a website!  I miss the days when thick, black Sharpies, loose-leaf paper, and Xerox copiers were the essential tools for promoting your next gig, but this is pretty fun too!  I hope you enjoy.